Serpent Mages are enemies in Dark Souls.


Most of them reside in Sen's Fortress and one is in The Duke's Archives.


Serpent Mages are humanoid serpents that have four arms and a cobra head. They dual-wield Flamberges and are capable of casting a long range Magic spell that appears as a ball of lightning, similar to the effects of Gold Pine Resin.


A shield with high magic defense like the Caduceus Round Shield or Crest Shield may provide some assistance. Beware of a close combat since the Flamberge causes Bleed build up and it's usually pretty easy for them to fill the meter quickly since they have three swords.

Enemy InformationEdit


Respawn Yes
Backstab Yes
Damage Types Regular / Slash / Magic / Bleed
Abilities Ranged attack causes Magic damage.


Attack Damage Attack Type Status Effect Parryable Tracking Attack Speed
Quick Triple Slash* 125 Slash Bleed: 45 Yes Neither Fast
Quick Thrust 405 Slash Bleed: 45 Yes Both Fast
Slow Triple Slash* 156 Slash Bleed: 45 Yes Both Medium
Electric Bolt 285 Magic None No Neither Medium
Viper Bite 486 Regular None No Neither Medium

* Damage listed is per hit.


Location Physical Defenses Elemental Defenses Resistances
Def atk phy Def atk strike Def atk slash Def atk thrust Def sorc mag Def sorc fire Def sorc lght Def res poi Def res toxic Def res bleed
Sen's Fortress 340 340 340 340 172 151 144 B B D
The Duke's Archives 438 438 438 438 222 195 186 B B D

These stats are sourced from FuturePress's Official Dark Souls Strategy Guide.


Item Wpn Flamberge
Drop Rate 2%


  • Due to its appearance, it's possible that Serpent Mages are females of the man-serpent race.
  • Oddly, the Lightning spells they use deal only Magic damage.