Shadow Gauntlets
Shadow Gauntlets II
Icon DaSII PhyDef 30 Icon DaSII Poise 0
Icon DaSII StrikeDef 34 Icon DaSII PsnDef 24
Icon DaSII SlashDef 27 Icon DaSII BldDef 18
Icon DaSII ThrustDef 27 Icon DaSII PetrifyDef 15
Icon DaSII MagDef 16 Icon DaSII CurseDef 0
Icon DaSII FireDef 18
Icon DaSII LtnDef 17 Icon DaSII Durability 60
Icon DaSII DarkDef 21 Icon DaSII Weight 1.6
Required & Bonus Attributes
Icon DaSII Strength Icon DaSII Dexterity Icon DaSII Intelligence Icon DaSII Faith Icon DaSII Def Bonus
16 E
Type Hands Armor

The Shadow Gauntlets are a hands armor piece in Dark Souls II.

They are part of the Shadow Set.

In-Game Description

Used to hide in the cover of night.
Those who are especially adept assassins are often hired as bodyguards.
In an attempt to stave off the curse, King Vendrick hired shadowmen to put down the Hollows, but before long they were Hollowed themselves.


Rare drop from Suspicious Shadows.


Seemingly poor defense; however, they increase the Bleed damage of weapons with an innate Bleed effect or Bleed infusion, as well as having a high resistance to both Poison and Bleed status effects.