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Shrine of Amana

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Lieu-Sanctuaire d'Amana

Shrine of Amana

The Shrine of Amana is a location in Dark Souls II. The Shrine of Amana is a ruined and waterlogged area, which was, at one time, dedicated to sustaining the Demon of Song, long before the undead curse ravaged the kingdom of Drangleic.

Notable itemsEdit

Adjacent LocationsEdit


  • Tower of Prayer: After defeating the Looking Glass Knight and taking the elevator down, you will, eventually, come across this bonfire.
  • Crumbled Ruins: After passing through the first cave, this bonfire will be in a ruined building with one Lizardman submerged at its doorway.
  • Rhoy's Resting Place: Upon reaching the cave filled with Acid Horn Beetles, this bonfire will be a short distance in, to the left.
  • Rise of the Dead: This bonfire can be found in a tower, after defeating the boss, by following a small path diverging from the one leading to the Undead Crypt.





The ShrineEdit

2014-09-21 00004

The Amana Altar

There is a shrine located above the last bonfire. You must be hollow, and talk with the 2 Milfanito that disappear to unlock the door. This shrine can be used to reverse hollowing, but only if you have no Human Effigies.

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