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Shrine of Amana

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Lieu-Sanctuaire d'Amana

Shrine of Amana

The Shrine of Amana is a location in Dark Souls II.


The Shrine of Amana is a ruined and waterlogged area, which was, at one time, dedicated to sustaining the Demon of Song, long before the undead curse ravaged the kingdom of Drangleic.

Adjacent LocationsEdit


  • Tower of Prayer: After defeating the Looking Glass Knight and taking the elevator down, you will, eventually, come across this bonfire.
  • Crumbled Ruins: After passing through the first cave, this bonfire will be in a ruined building with one Lizardman submerged at its doorway.
  • Rhoy's Resting Place: Upon reaching the cave filled with Acid Horn Beetles, this bonfire will be a short distance in, to the left.
  • Rise of the Dead: This bonfire can be found in a tower, after defeating the boss, by following a small path diverging from the one leading to the Undead Crypt.




NPC InvadersEdit



The ShrineEdit

There is a shrine located above the last bonfire. You must be hollow, have no Human Effigies, and talk with the 2 Milfanito that disappear to unlock the door, if you have discarted the Human Effigies in the same place you may need to suicide or reload the area. This shrine can be used to reverse hollowing, but only if you have no Effigies.

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