Skeptic's Spice is an item in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A spice exuding a peculiar aroma.
A spell demands devotion from its caster, but using this spice makes a chosen spell attainable with 1 less faith. Will only work with assistance from a certain person.
The spice does not raise one's faith, but only obfuscates the requirement.

General InformationEdit

Skeptic's Spice is used to lower the Faith requirement of a spell. It can be used by talking to Magerold of Lanafir and accessing the "Incense" option in his dialogue menu.

The effectiveness of the spell will still depend on the associated Attack Bonus, and using a spell below its base requirements may result in reduced effectiveness (for instance, casting Denial with less than 24 Faith will reduce the duration of the spell). However, reducing a spell's requirements can be useful for gaining access to certain spells without leveling beyond the associated stat's soft cap, such as Blinding Bolt, Sunlight Spear or Profound Still.


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