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Smough's Set

Smough's set male


Def atk phy 268.0 Def sorc mag 133.0
Def atk strike 233.2 Def sorc fire 172.0
Def atk slash 308.3 Def sorc lght 146.0
Def atk thrust 268.0
Def res poise Def res bleed Def res poi Def res cur
91.0 141.0 72.0 24.0
Weight 45.2
Durability 2,800
Type Heavy Armor Set
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Smough's Set (Dark Souls III).

Smough's Set is a heavy armor set in Dark Souls.


Sold by Domhnall of Zena after defeating Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough. Smough must be killed after Ornstein in order for Domhnall to sell this set once per playthrough.


Worn by Smough, the cannibalistic executioner who guards the Anor Londo cathedral.


Smough's Set initially offers the highest Physical and Elemental defense among the heavy sets, and a remarkable Bleed resistance, but cannot be upgraded. This gives it a disadvantage against upgradeable armor types of similar weight; for example, the fully upgraded Giant Set is superior in almost every way. However Smough's Set does offer a small but notable amount of Curse resistance.

Smough's Set has the same Weight as the Stone Set. However, the Stone Set offers less defense in all regards, except Poise. Smough's Set is also slightly less durable.

Set piecesEdit


Armor Piece Physical Defense Elemental Defense Resistances Poise Weight
Def atk phy Def atk strike Def atk slash Def atk thrust Def sorc mag Def sorc fire Def sorc lght Def res bleed Def res poi Def res cur Def res poise Weight
Smough's Helm
40.0 34.8 46.0 40.0 19.0 26.0 21.0 21.0 12.0 5.0 14.0 6.8
Smough's Armor
106.0 92.2 121.9 106.0 52.0 66.0 59.0 54.0 28.0 9.0 35.0 17.6
Smough's Gauntlets
61.0 53.1 70.2 61.0 31.0 40.0 33.0 33.0 16.0 5.0 21.0 10.4
Smough's Leggings
61.0 53.1 70.2 61.0 31.0 40.0 33.0 33.0 16.0 5.0 21.0 10.4
Total 268.0 233.2 308.3 268.0 133.0 172.0 146.0 141.0 72.0 24.0 91.0 45.2


According to an interview; Smough's Set is Hidetaka Miyazaki's, favorite armor design.

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