"Sorcerer of Vinheim Dragon School. Casts soul sorceries."
— Character Creation

The Sorcerer is one of the classes in Dark Souls.

The Sorcerer's primary form of attack is through casting sorceries, and start the game with the Soul Arrow sorcery. However, their high Attunement and Intelligence make the use of both sorceries and pyromancies.

Sorcerers' expertise in sorceries are at the expense of having poor physical damage output. Their Dexterity, unlike their Strength, is decent, however.

For new players playing blind, Sorcerers can be tricky, since the merchants for the other spells must be found before new spells can be obtained.

Pyromancer and Wanderer both start with 4 free Resistance and superior armor compared to the Sorcerer, and are better classes to choose for a dedicated mage if one purchases a Sorcerer's Catalyst and Soul Arrow from Rickert of Vinheim right after arriving in Lordran.

Starting equipmentEdit

Starting statisticsEdit

Image Stat Name Value
- Level 3
Para vit large Vitality 8
Para attun large Attunement 15
Para endur large Endurance 8
Para str large Strength 9
Para dex large Dexterity 11
Para resist large Resistance 8
Para int large Intelligence 15
Para faith large Faith 8
Total Points at Level 1 82

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