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Soul Spear is a sorcery in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Sorcery developed by Big Hat Logan, the great sorcerer who left the Dragon School in an age long past.
Fires a soul spear.
The spear boasts superior penetrating power, and is testament to Logan's strength in battle.


Sold by Orbeck of Vinheim for 5,000 souls once he has been given Logan's Scroll.


Fires a soul spear at the target, dealing heavy Magic damage. The spear a relatively short cast time and high travel speed, being capable of penetrating its target and hitting multiple foes at once.


This spell's usefulness comes from its moderate cast speed, long range, fast projectile speed and ability to pierce multiple foes. The individual projectile does not deal appreciably more damage than Great Heavy Soul Arrow, relative to its greatly increased FP cost. Due to these characteristics, Soul Spear is best used for bombarding closely-grouped foes at long range, rather than for inflicting significant damage on a single foe.

Alongside Crystal Soul Spear, this spell has the longest range among all Sorceries.

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