Soul Stream is a sorcery in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Sorcery imparted by the first of the Scholars, when Lothric and the Grand Archives were but young.
Fires a torrential volley of souls.
The first of the Scholars doubted the linking of the fire, and was alleged to be a private mentor to the Royal Prince.


Found behind an illusory wall in the Grand Archives. The wall is found on the upper levels.


Fires a torrential volley of souls dealing Magic damage to any enemy within it. This spell has virtually limitless range and therefore can be aimed from a long distance away. Soul Stream hits multiple times and if all hits land, it causes the most sorcery damage in game.

Notes Edit

  • although it can deal a ton of damage this spell can just as easily be used to make space between you and an enemy, as the knockback of this attack can stagger and or blow away an opponent hit by the attack
  • it should also be noted that this spell does have a small damage drop off (comparable to bows).
  • this spell will stop your ability to walk, and drain your stamina bar when the spell is finished. this leaves you wide open for attacks so use with care.


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