For the Dark Souls variant, see Soul of a Hero.

A Soul of a Hero is a soul in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Soul of a hero of legend who has long ago gone Hollow.
Use to acquire souls.
Souls are the source of all life, and are sought by the Undead, and even the Hollowed.


Consume to acquire 10,000 souls.


  • On a body behind a pew in the cathedral before the boss fight with the Duke's Dear Freja in Brightstone Cove Tseldora.
  • On a body after the room in Drangleic Castle with six doors that open with souls.
  • Near the fog wall leading to the third bonfire in Shrine of Amana, follow the rock wall to the right.
  • Above the second bonfire in Undead Crypt, accessed from near the sconce that lights the area.
  • In the room before the two Imperious Knights in Undead Crypt.
  • In the room with bell-ringing hollows in Undead Crypt.
  • Three behind the first Pharros Contraption in Memory of Orro.
  • In the acid pit in Aldia's Keep at Bonfire Intensity 2+.