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Spells are a form of magic in Dark Souls II.

General InformationEdit

Spells are broken down into four classes: sorceries, miracles, pyromancies, and hexes.

Each spell type is cast with a catalyst: staves for sorcery, sacred chimes for miracles, pyromancy flames for pyromancy, and staves or sacred chimes for hexes. In addition, each spell type is associated with a magic type: Magic for sorcery, Lightning for miracles, Fire for pyromancy, and Dark for hexes

Casting a spell sometimes necessitates meeting the minimum attribute requirements: Intelligence for sorceries, Faith for miracles, and a mixture of both Intelligence and Faith for hexes. Pyromancies are unique in that they have no attribute requirements to cast.

Individual spells are represented as consumable scrolls, and must be attuned (or equipped) at a bonfire before they can be cast. Spell uses are replenished by either resting at a bonfire or by using various restorative items. To increase attunement slots, one must increase the Attunement attribute. Attunement also influences spell casting time and spell uses. Spell uses can also be increased by attuning more than one copy of the same spell.