Stance of Judgment is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Assume stance to unleash dark magic. Use normal attack for a lunging thrust, and strong attack to emit side-sweeping wave.


When held, the player enters a stance with the weapon, charging it with Magic power. A weak attack will execute a thrust with strong forward momentum, while a strong attack will execute a delayed horizontal swing and launch a short-ranged wave of Magic damage. After an attack from stance, the weapon will be buffed with 80 Magic damage for 35 seconds.


Single PlayerEdit

This skill can be useful for initiating combat against a particularly powerful enemy, or against a group of enemies. On top of dealing strong damage with the first hit, the weapon will be buffed to deal increased damage for a period of time afterward, which allows the wielder to more quickly dispatch the foe(s) in question. Additionally, keep in mind that both the swing and the wave for the strong attack can deal damage, so hitting an enemy at close range can deal tremendous damage.

Online gameplayEdit

Because of how costly the skill is in terms of FP, judicious use is recommended, especially on characters with little investment in Attunement. One can attempt to catch a foe with the weak attack at the start of an engagement and then play aggressively for the duration of the buff, or use the strong attack as a roll-catch or wake-up attack. However, be aware that the Hyper Armor begins only during the actual attacks, thus the wind-up can be easily interrupted due to poor timing. The FP cost and the buff will both occur at the beginning of the animation.



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