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Starting Gifts are a variety of items in Dark Souls II which the player chooses from during character creation.


Unless otherwise stated, the player receives just one unit of the gift.


Receive no gift.

Life RingEdit

Tiny Being's Ring

This ring of old slightly increases HP.

Life Ring. Raises HP by 5%.

Human EffigyEdit

Human Effigy

A familiar looking effigy. Returns the hollowed to life.

Human Effigy. Reverses hollowing.

Healing WaresEdit

Old Radiant Lifegem

Various items used to cure poison and restore HP. Essential for anyone travelling Drangleic.

Lifegem x10, Radiant Lifegem x3, Old Radiant Lifegem x1, and Poison Moss x5.

Homeward BoneEdit

Homeward Bone II

Returns you to the bonfire last rested at. Having one may ease your mind, but there are no easy journeys.

Homeward Bone.

Seed of a Tree of GiantsEdit

Seed of a Tree of Giants

A seed grown from a Tree of Giants. Inedible.

Seed of a Tree of Giants. Online play item. Makes enemies attack invaders as well as the player.

Bonfire AsceticEdit

Bonfire Ascetic

Toss into a bonfire to raise the strength of nearby foes. Only for those who seek greater challenges.

Bonfire Ascetic. Raises difficulty of nearby area to NG+.

Petrified SomethingEdit

Petrified Something

A simple petrified lump. It may be of some use, someday.

Petrified Something. Can be given to Dyna & Tillo in exchange for a random item.

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