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Starved Hounds are enemies in Dark Souls III.


A common enemy across Lothric and beyond, Starved Hounds appear lethargic but they are fast, vicious opponents that should not be underestimated.

Most hounds are white and hairless, but some have a light covering of grey fur. Grey hounds are tougher than their white counterparts, with the exception of a grey hound in Untended Graves, which actually has less health than the surrounding white hounds.

In a cave beneath the Road of Sacrifices, a duo of hounds can be found near some Miracle-related artifacts from Carim. One is a normal grey hound, and the other is a unique variant with a bloated, festering abdomen, and can vomit poison. It is possible that the power of the artifacts it lives nearby caused it to become this way.



Although they have low vitality, Starved Hounds are agile creatures that will often evade attacks and retaliate with a leaping bite. They are weak against fire and will writhe around in agony if set alight, which offers an opportunity to attack them unmolested.

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