Stone Flesh is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Raise the shield in silent prayer, turning the user's body into a solid mass of stone.


The player stops for a moment and their body slowly becomes covered by a layer made of stone. Resistance against physical attacks is thus greatly increased, although mobility is severely compromised as a tradeoff, not being able to sprint or roll properly.



Not a very useful skill overall, mainly because of the big mobility penalty this skill inflicts to the caster. The player is only allowed to walk and roll slowly while this skill is active, and the increased defense is arguably useful in comparison to the many benefits being able to move faster.

Online gameplayEdit

Definitely not recommended to be used during online duels as the mobility penalty can leave the player in a very precarious situation against human opponents. Furthermore, the player will be extremely vulnerable while casting this skill and highly prone to be backstabbed, thus sustaining heavy damage and also canceling the casting anyway.



  • Havel the Rock will attempt to cast this skill once he has sustained enough damage, leaving him open for a backstab. If he is prevented from casting it in such way, he will try to cast it over and over again and the player may keep backstabbing him on each attempt until he is defeated.

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