Stone Knights are enemies in Dark Souls II.


The Stone Knights can be found in the King's Passage, amongst a large group of similar headless statues on the path leading to the Looking Glass Knight. They can be distinguished from the lifeless statues due to their heads being intact.


These knights served under Velstadt until his departure to the Undead Crypt. They loyally remained at their posts for so long that they eventually turned to stone.


Stone Knights use rapid combos that cause high poise damage. This makes them formidable foes against reckless players, although they are relatively easy to defeat with some care.

Although Stone Knights are weak by themselves, aggroing a single one will activate all of them. The knights can easily overwhelm the player, due to their high attack speed and poise damage. Weapons with long reach, such as greatswords and spears can be used to hit multiple knights at once with relative ease.

They appear to be weak to magic and fire.

The knights have extremely poor defence before activating. This can be exploited by attacking them from a distance, as damage will not awaken them. The knight will be beheaded if it is killed in this way, and will not drop any souls or items.


Item Titanite Slab II
Titanite Slab
Llwellyn Armor
Llewellyn Armor
Llewellyn Gloves
Llewellyn Gloves
Llewellyn Shoes
Llewellyn Shoes
Drop Rate ??? ??? ??? ???
Item Stone Twinblade
Stone Twinblade
Stone Parma
Stone Parma
Drop Rate ??? ??? ???


  • Stone Knights turn to dust after being killed normally, but not when beheaded.


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The player battles the Stone Knights

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