For the boss in Dark Souls, see Stray Demon.

The Stray Demon is an optional miniboss in Dark Souls III.


One of the last surviving demons left in the world, the Stray Demon resembles its counterpart from the Undead Asylum, although it appears to be made of stone and lava rather than flesh and blood.


Found pacing at the top of the ruined fortress in the Farron Keep, above from where the Old Wolf of Farron is located.


The Stray Demon fights mostly like the demons from the first game; however, it has a couple of new attacks. It can spit a barrage of rocks at the player from a distance and can grab them and throw them off the wall, which results in an instant kill. Inflicting enough damage to its legs will cause them to shatter, leaving it almost unable to move.

Its grab is notoriously fast, which makes it very difficult to evade, and is usually performed immediately after a previous attack, most likely at the moment the player is trying to score a hit of their own. It is advised to always try to attack it from behind. Care must also be taken in this situation, though, as the demon will start performing backward spinning sweeps with its great hammer or its tail to deal with enemies on the rear.

The demon may occasionally stop for a moment and take flight, letting itself smash onto the ground for an area-of-effect attack. The area covered by this attack is not too big, though, and the demon will take a couple of seconds to recover, giving the player time to score a few hits.

The player must not get overconfident if they manage to shatter its legs, as the creature will still be dangerous. It may perform numerous horizontal swings with its great hammer in quick succession or perform a powerful smash on the ground with it. Fortunately, in this state the player may be able to deal enough damage fast enough, which will stagger the demon and leave it open for a critical attack which will most likely end the battle.

The barrage of rocks have extreme knockback so it is advised to run behind the demon when it starts using this attack.


Item Soul of a Stray Demon
Soul of a Stray Demon
Drop Rate Guaranteed


  • Weak against weapons that deal extra damage to demons (e.g.: Black Knights' weaponry).

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