Stray Hounds are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Stray Hounds are canine enemies which usually attack in packs. They appear to be hollowed and are also missing several parts of their black-colored skin, revealing their flesh. They also have red eyes.


Stray Hounds are commonly found throughout The Lost Bastille. Three are found in the room next to the first bonfire, along with a Royal Swordsman. Two are encountered on the bridge leading to McDuff's Workshop. Two more are seen on the other side of the gate next to the second bonfire. Three are fought leading to the second path using the Antiquated Key. Two Black Phantom versions are fought next to the Upper Ramparts bonfire after defeating the Belfry Gargoyles in Belfry Luna. And five are fought leading to the Bastille Key.

Stray Hounds also appear in No-man's Wharf, usually alongside Varangian Sailors.


These hounds pose no real threat on their own, but in numbers they can be trouble. They only have a few attacks, but each of them deals a considerable amount of damage. Simply strafing to the side can avoid the lunge bites that these hounds execute. Using powerful area-of-effect attacks can also deal with them quickly, as they don't boast a considerable amount of health.


  • According to the Beyond the Bonfire website, the Stray Hound is the most killed enemy in Dark Souls II across all three platforms.

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