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Strength is a stat in Dark Souls II.

General InformationEdit

Strength is required to wield all weapons in Dark Souls II; the general rule being that the bigger a weapon is, the more Strength that is needed to wield it. Raising one's Strength value primarily increases the player's Strength Attack Bonus, the value of which is multiplied by a hidden modifier of a weapon when attacking. Raising Strength also boosts the player's HP and Physical Defense stats slightly.

Stat DevelopmentEdit

Strength Level Total Strength Attack Bonus Strength Attack Bonus Gain
1 50 0
10 57 7
20 80 23
30 102 22
40 140 38
50 155 15
60 162 7
70 170 8
80 185 15
90 192 7
99 200 8


Unlike in other entries in the series, two-handing a weapon does not increase the effective Strength bonus gained. While the weapon will gain the increased damage multiplier from wielding it in two hands, it will still calculate the damage dealt using the player's pre-existing Strength Attack Bonus. Rather, the Strength requirements for wielding the weapon will be halved.

For example, if a weapon requires 30 Strength to wield properly, it may be two-handed with only 15 Strength, as opposed to 20 Strength in the other games. However, the bonus damage it receives from Strength Attack Bonus will still be calculated at the 15 Strength level. This means that even though the weapon can be wielded effectively, the damage that it deals will still be very low.