For the disambiguation of the same name, see Strength.

Strength is a stat in Dark Souls II.

General InformationEdit

Strength is required to wield all weapons in Dark Souls II; the general rule being that the bigger a weapon is, the more Strength that is needed to wield it. Raising one's Strength value primarily increases the player's Strength Attack Bonus, the value of which is multiplied by a hidden modifier of a weapon when attacking. Raising Strength also boosts the player's HP and Physical Defense stats slightly.

Stat DevelopmentEdit

Strength Level Total Strength Attack Bonus Strength Attack Bonus Gain
1 50 0
10 57 7
20 80 23
30 102 22
40 140 38
50 155 15
60 162 7
70 170 8
80 185 15
90 192 7
99 200 8

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