The Sublime Bone Dust is an item in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Charred, ashen bones. Cast them into the Far Fire in Majula to increase the HP restored with each use of your flask.
They say these are the remains of a saint who cast himself into the bonfire. But we will never know for sure, for soot and ashes tell no story.


Burning it at the Far Fire bonfire in Majula results in a bolstering of the player's Estus Flask (similar to the role of Fire Keeper Souls in the original Dark Souls). This can be done until the player's Estus Flask is +5; a +5 Flask being the most potent in terms of health restoration.

They can still be collected even after the Flask is upgraded to +5, but their only practical use is to be sold to Lonesome Gavlan for 1,800 souls each.


  • Dropped by the second Old Knight wielding a great hammer upon first entering Heide's Tower of Flame. This enemy does not respawn, but will always drop the Sublime Bone Dust. Using a Bonfire Ascetic will respawn the enemy and make another Sublime Bone Dust available (not present in SotFS).
  • On a corpse outside the Executioner Chariot boss arena. The player must jump from the bridge onto a separated platform to obtain the dust (not present in SotFS).
  • At the bottom of Sinner's Rise, to the first left as players enter the water (not present in SotFS).
  • In an iron chest after The Rotten boss fight. (not present in SotFS)
  • In an iron chest after the Old Iron King boss fight, before heading down the stairs to the primal bonfire (not present in SotFS).

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinEdit

  • Found in an iron chest in the area between Heide's Tower of Flame and No-man's Wharf, behind a Royal Guard.
  • Found in a prison cell in Huntsman's Copse. When heading up the hill to activate the lever to lower the bridge, look to your right and you will see a cell with a hole on its top. Drop inside and there will be a Royal Guard, a corpse holding the Soul Spear sorcery, and an iron chest containing the Sublime Bone Dust.
  • In an iron chest in the Shaded Woods, near the Shaded Ruins bonfire. Found past Vengarl's body, next to a Royal Guard. Two Fragrant Branches of Yore are required to take this path. It can be obtained for free by jumping out of a window on the left of the bonfire.
  • In an iron chest, guarded by a Royal Guard, in the deep pit in Majula. It is found by going to the left in the room filled with Undead Citizens, where Great Heal was previously found.
  • Found in Drangleic Castle. When you first get in the castle, head to the left door at the end of the room where you'll find a petrified Royal Guard. After taking care of the Royal Guard, get in the room and there will be the iron chest containing the fifth and final Bone Dust.



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