For the Dark Souls variant, see Sunlight Straight Sword.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Sunlight Straight Sword (Dark Souls III).

The Sun Sword is a straight sword in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A well-forged long sword.
Of unknown origin, and exhibiting no special power, but sturdily crafted.
Perhaps it does not live up to its name, but nevertheless, merely wielding this sword seems to cause warmth to well up within one's bosom.


It is obtained by reaching rank 2 in the Heirs of the Sun covenant, found in Harvest Valley.

Characteristics Edit

The true potential of this sword lies in its amazing scaling across strength and dexterity; even when the weapon is first obtained, it is fairly reliable, due to the high scaling bonuses from base level. Thus, the incredible stat scaling allows this straight sword, despite the low base damage, to surpass the effectiveness of the other, heavier straight swords, especially at higher levels.

However, in order to truly benefit from using this weapon, one must have a very high quality-build, with strength and dexterity being very close, if not on par, with each other, as that is when the weapon will have optimal performance. (I.E. 50/50 or 99/99 STR/DEX)


Attack Description
Weak Attack
Right to left slash, at a slight downwards diagonal angle. Further input yields a similar, left to right slash.
Strong Attack
Forward thrusting attack, longer reach than 2h but weaker.
Weak Attack
Similar to 1h, but stronger at the cost of more stamina.
Strong Attack
Strong right to left slash with some startup and ending lag.
Jump Attack Leaping downward smash.
Running Attack A quick right to left horizontal slash.
Rolling Attack A quick pop up and thrust forward, catching some enemies off-guard.
Rolling Attack
Same as 1h roll, but slower and stronger.
Kick A backhand smash with the hilt of the sword.
Weak Attack
Same as right hand weak, but reversed.
Strong Attack
Same thrusts as right hand strong attack.


Upgrades with regular titanite; reinforcing the weapon to +10 will improve the Strength and Dexterity scaling, going from B to A.
Standard Variation Attack Values Bonus Damage Reduction
Icon DaSII PhyAtkWpn Icon DaSII MagAtkWpn Icon DaSII FireAtkWpn Icon DaSII LtnAtkWpn Icon DaSII DarkAtkWpn Icon DaSII PsnAtkWpn Icon DaSII BldAtkWpn Icon DaSII Str Bonus Icon DaSII Dex Bonus Icon DaSII Mag Bonus Icon DaSII Fire Bonus Icon DaSII Ltn Bonus Icon DaSII Dark Bonus Icon DaSII PhyRed Icon DaSII MagRed Icon DaSII FireRed Icon DaSII LtnRed Icon DaSII DarkRed Icon DaSII PsnRed Icon DaSII BldRed
Sun Sword 87 B B 50 10 35 35 25 20 20
Sun Sword +1 (Titanite Shard ×1)
Sun Sword +2 (Titanite Shard ×2)
Sun Sword +3 (Titanite Shard ×3)
Sun Sword +4 (L. Titanite Shard ×1)
Sun Sword +5 (L. Titanite Shard ×2) 131 B B 50 10 35 35 25 20 20
Sun Sword +6 (L. Titanite Shard ×3)
Sun Sword +7 (Titanite Chunk ×1) 148 B B 50 10 35 35 25 20 20
Sun Sword +8 (Titanite Chunk ×2)
Sun Sword +9 (Titanite Chunk ×3)
Sun Sword +10 (Titanite Slab ×1) 175 A A 50 10 35 35 25 20 20


  • Only one Sun Sword is obtainable per character, as the covenant's progress does not reset when the player continues to the next playthrough. The only way for a player to obtain another Sun Sword is if another player drops one for them to pick up.
  • Any infusion placed on the weapon will decimate the incredible scaling bonuses of this weapon, and drastically reduce the physical damage output, thus making it a very poor candidate for infusing altogether.
  • The various resins and serums found in Drangleic are excellent complements for the weapon.
  • Fully-upgraded (+10), and with 99 Strength and 99 Dexterity, the weapon's base attack rating (AR) is 425 (175 [base damage] + 250 [scaling bonus]). With the Ring of Blades +2 and Sacred Oath (totalling at +100 physical attack rating), the total attack rating will be 525, rivaling the power of even some greatswords, while weighing nowhere near as much. This grants it the potential to be one of the few strongest, yet lightest, straight swords in the game, should the player have, or are close to having, a rather high investment in the two offensive attributes.

Trivia Edit

  • This straight sword is likely a throwback to the Sunlight Straight Sword from the game's predecessor, as they are both visually similar in design and possess similar traits, to boot.
  • The description of the Sun Sword alludes to the description of a Sunlight Medal, interestingly enough.

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