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Sunlight Medal
Misc Sunlight Medal
Lautrec - gift
Anor Londo
Chaos Bug - drop
Given to Warriors of Sunlight and their teammates after defeating a boss
A badge of the ultimate honor

A Sunlight Medal is an item in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

This faintly warm medal engraved with the symbol of the Sun, is the ultimate honor, awarded to those who summon the Warrior of Sunlight and complete a goal.
The symbol represents Lord Gwyn's firstborn, who lost his deity status and was expunged from the annals. But the old God of War still watches closely over his warriors.


Sunlight medals are awarded to a Warrior of Sunlight (a member of the Warrior of Sunlight covenant) and their teammates after defeating a boss, provided that the Warrior of Sunlight survives the ordeal. The Warrior of Sunlight may be an online player or Solaire of Astora. Having multiple Warriors of Sunlight will not increase the amount of medals awarded.

Knight Lautrec of Carim gives the player a Sunlight Medal for rescuing him in the Undead Parish.

Three Sunlight Medals can be found in a chest in the latter half of Anor Londo.

Chaos Bugs in the shortcut to Lost Izalith may drop Sunlight Medals. This is the only way for offline advancement without moving to a NG+.


Members of the Warrior of Sunlight covenant may offer Sunlight Medals to the statue located behind the Red Drake at the end of the Undead Burg leading to the Undead Parish. Giving the statue 10 sunlight medals will result in the player being awarded the Great Lightning Spear Miracle, as well as the Sunlight Spear Miracle if the Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder was also offered.

A Sunlight Medal may also be traded to Snuggly the Crow in exchange for a White Titanite Chunk.

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