The Sunset Set is a heavy armor set in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Armor of Hodrick, holy knight of Sunless Realms.
This light gold armor, named for its sunset hues, is now faded and wrapped in tainted rags.
The sorry fool was known to wander the battlefield as a crazed ghoul, lashing out at friend and foe alike.


Found in the Pit of Hollows in the Undead Settlement, after defeating Holy Knight Hodrick alongside Sirris of the Sunless Realms during her questline.


The Sunset Set is one of the lightest sets in the heavy category, and as a result possesses characteristics often found in medium armor sets.

With its high weight cost, the set provides relatively reliable defense against most forms of physical damage. Like other plate metal sets it is quite weak to Strike damage, though it resists Slash damage quite well. Its elemental defenses can be found wanting, having mediocre absorption values at best and severe weaknesses to Magic and Lightning. It can resist status effects fairly reliably for the most part, but is somewhat vulnerable to Frost.

Because of its low weight, the Sunset Set has a relatively poor poise-to-weight ratio, limiting its effectiveness to trading when fighting into weapons with no Hyper Armor frames, or when wielding weapons larger than Curved Greatswords.

Set piecesEdit

Armor Piece Physical absorption Elemental absorption Resistances General values
Sunset Helm
Sunset Helm
5.3 4.5 5.3 4.9 3.2 3.7 2.6 3.7 26 25 14 15 4.8 3.4 380 100
Sunset Armor
Sunset Armor
14.3 11.7 15.6 14.3 9.8 11.7 9.1 11.2 63 58 39 42 13.3 16.5 400 100
Sunset Gauntlets
Sunset Gauntlets
4.1 3.5 4.1 3.9 2.6 3.1 2.4 3.0 24 22 16 17 4.4 4.0 400 100
Sunset Leggings
Sunset Leggings
7.2 5.9 7.8 7.2 4.6 5.5 3.3 5.1 40 35 26 26 7.0 5.8 370 100

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