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The Sunset Staff is a staff in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A staff said to have been forged in Aldia. A catalyst for sorceries and hexes. Particularly powerful for casting hexes.
The mysterious Lord Aldia secluded himself inside a manor to conduct various experiments. Those invited to the manor disappeared, replaced over time with malformed beasts that roamed its halls.


The Sunset Staff can be obtained from Felkin the Outcast, either by killing him, or by talking to him when the player has 20 in both Intelligence and Faith. Felkin will also give the player the Hexer's Set when these requirements have been met. It is also dropped by the Mimic in Aldia's Keep (unavailable in Scholar of the First Sin).


The Sunset Staff is the third required item in the assassination quest provided by Royal Sorcerer Navlaan. Completing this phase of the quest rewards the Forbidden Sun pyromancy.


While it begins with fairly low base Dark attack, the Sunset Staff greatly increases in potency with upgrades. Its powerful scaling in both Magic and Dark makes it a very powerful staff for casting both sorceries and hexes, allowing players to bring a withering barrage of spell damage upon their enemies.

However, this comes at the cost of one of the slowest casting speeds among all staves, as well as requiring the use of Twinkling Titanite in order to upgrade. As such, this staff is best used for dedicated casters, as the casting speed can be mitigated with investment in Attunement.

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