The Suspicious Shadows (also known as Nimble Shadows) are hollowed claw wielding enemies in Dark Souls II. They attack by swiping with their claws and by throwing poisoned knives at the player, which can inflict Bleed and Poison status. In NG+ and beyond, two of them will assist the Flexile Sentry in No-man's Wharf.

In-Game Description

Those who are especially adept assassins
are often hired as bodyguards.
In an attempt to stave off the curse,
King Vendrick hired shadowmen to
put down the Hollows, but before long
they were Hollowed themselves.


Suspicious Shadows hailed from Mirrah and left its army in favor of mercenary work. They were hired by King Vendrick to stem the curse of the undead, but eventually became hollowed themselves.

Description and LocationsEdit

Quick and deadly, the pair of Suspicious Shadows may quickly overwhelm those who dare enter the Flexile Sentry's boss area. In fact, they may arguably be considered even more deadly than the boss himself, so bringing help to take the heat off and/or wearing an apparel which provides both Bleed and Poison resistances will surely help in battle.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First SinEdit

Many Suspicious Shadows are hidden around Drangleic, ready to attack the player when they come near. Most of them are hanging from the ceilings of buildings and will drop down, throwing poisoned knives at them.




  • Suspicious Shadows are fast and agile but have very little HP and each hit individually doesn't deal very much damage.


  • There is a second version of the Shadow Mask worn by one of the two Suspicious Shadow enemies, sporting different coloring and design than the one available to the player.


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