• This thread is for summoning requests for Dark Souls II. The threads for Dark Souls I and III can be found here and here, respectively. 

    As the title suggests, this discussion is for Dark Souls II. As such, the following information is needed:

    • Platform: You'll need to share what console you're playing Dark Souls II on. This includes: PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and when released, PS4 and Xbox One.
    • ID: Your username on Steam, Xbox LIVE or PSN is needed to initiate communication, and multiplayer, between players. For PC users, it's also a good idea to share your save file's name, as this shows up as your username in-game.
    • Soul Memory: Soul Memory (SM) is how Dark Souls II decides who can play with who. In order to match up, players need to be relatively close to each other in the SM tiers somewhat similar Soul Memory. The different tiers, along with info on how some items interact with it, can be found here.
    • NG cycle: Until the release of Scholars of the First Sin, being in NG will prevent players from matching up with others in NG+ or beyond. However, players in NG+ can match up with anyone who's passed into NG+ or higher. This also helps when deciding if you can help, as someone might be able to help you in NG+2 but not in NG+5.
    • Location: Arguably the most important information. You can't get help if we don't know where you are. It is reccomended to put both area and boss here. If you also only need help with the boss, or only the area before it, specify that here. If you want help over multiple areas, put all areas/bosses here too.

    Optional information: This information isn't required, but could help anyone looking to assist you.

    • Build: Knowing your build will allow players to better compliment their hosts. Don't be over specific, just mention favored offensive stats, STR, DEX, INT and FTH. It's also a good idea to tell if you're focused on ranged or melee combat. An archer might have more use of a pure melee tank for one fight, while the next requires a Miracle-using caster.
    • Time zone: Remember that someone on the other side of the globe is probably sleeping when you're playing. As such, they may not be able to play with you except during specific hours. To find your time zone go here.
    • Region: Some people have region lock on to avoid lag. While one can of course turn this off for short periods of time, it could prove vital to avoid lag during co-op.

    That's all. Remember to stay on topic and engage in jolly cooperation!

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