• Yulia you may have heard the undead merchent say this name as he is caressing a bucket. However Yulia is not that bucket or the uchigatana. Yulia is the Great Grey Wolf Sif and I have proof. You may ask yourself Hey that is Artorias pet! not Undead merchant. Well when Artorias saved sif he was scared and hurt. This is where The merchant gave poor puppy sif some humanity and caused himself to turn a little bit hollowed. One late night Sif howled and it sounded like YOOOOOOOOOOOOOlia so the merchant named him that after putting Sif in that basket. And stroking him. Fast forward when Sif was older he could not handle the pain. He and the female undead merchant started a family where Male would give the female moss everyday. Eventually they got a divorce and had to move apart. Undead had to move to a crappy place called Burg and Female moved to a sewer. However, everyday after Sif has grown up The merchant still strokes the spot where that grey great wolf once layed.

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    • But he talks like 'Yulia' is his love interest.  Plus, I don't think that even puppy Sif could fit in that bucket. Female Merchant says she peels the moss off of the sewer walls,  and she doesn't mention ever having known the first merchant.                          

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