• So I'm a relatively new Dark Souls player. I have learned a great deal about Priscilla and generally just wish she was more than an easter egg. I wish she could be an important NPC instead of the only options being to leave her in her Painted World or murder her. 

    I know the Firekeepers replaced her mechanics wise, but I wonder why she wasn't included as a more significant character or if From Soft predicted she would become as popular as she was. 


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    • It might've merely been about time constraints. The game was rushed, as seen with some areas of the game (namely Lost Izalith) as well as the fact that the Artorias of the Abyss DLC was originally intended to be part of the main game.

      It might be something else entirely, of course. This is just my personal theory.

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    • Possibly time contraints. That's understandable. Still, if they were able to go back and do DLC that brought Artorias into the game and all they could have added a quest for Priscilla and added to her character depth. 

      I love From Soft's work on this game as I've fallen in love with it and I don't wish to come off as ungrateful. I just happened to fall in love with the character of Priscilla too and really wish that they did more with her. 

      It is futile to cry over decisions they made six to seven years ago but still. Do you understand how I feel? 

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    • If i'm not mistaken, she was meant to feature a bit more but, as was mentioned before, she was one of the many casualties of content cutting.

      Imagine if they'd actaully been allowed to finish all the content. Would we still have all the lore holes we got? How much better could the already great game be, if it was completed!!?!!

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