• Hi all,

    When 1-handing a weapon, meeting stats, it deals regular damage.

    When 2-handing a weapon, meeting stats, it deals almost double damage.

    My question:

    If you 2-hand a weapon to use it effectively, because otherwise heaving insifficient strength, does it automatially do the double damage?

    OR will it do as much damage as you would do by 1-handing it when meeting stats, and it will later double when 2-handing because you then have sufficient strength?

    Thanks for your replies :)

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    • I would be inclined to say latter is more correct, however, two-handing the weapon doesn't "double" the damage, it only adds maybe only 50 at most, and this value diminishes as you level up more.

      Besides, when two-handing to use a weapon effectively, you're only going to deal close to the one-handed damage, as you can only use it with two hands, due to your insufficient strength.

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    • Nah not really new, just posted for like 3rd time ;)

      Volknur, thanks for the reply, all I had to know was if there was a difference in 2-handing when you have the stats, and 2-handing when having not enough stats.

      Anyone else has anything to add?

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    • It will be different, depending on the weapon. 2-handing a weapon does two things, it increases your strength by 50% and it increases the hidden damage multiplier for your attacks.

      So, if you 2-hand the weapon without enough strength to wield it 1-handed, you will get the same scaling bonus as you would if you wielded it 1-handed with sufficient strength. But, you will do more damage 2-handed, because of the hidden damage multiplier.

      For example, with the Black Knight Greataxe I had an attack rating of 623 1-handed and 643 2-handed, which was caused by a small boost in stat scaling. But, the 1-handed damage was 361, while the 2-handed damage was 500, a big boost caused by the hidden multiplier.

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    • Can we get confirmation on the "hidden damage multiplier" ? A link maybe? proof?

      Ineed to decide if i should 2h @ 27 str my mace or just 1h at 40

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    • A FANDOM user
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