The Tin Banishment Catalyst is a catalyst in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Catalyst of the banishment sorcerers who flooded New Londo to seal off away the Darkwraiths and the Kings who fell to Dark. In contrast to other catalysts, the metal catalyst qualifies as a weapon, as it inflicts physical damage, however small.


Found in Blighttown, at the scaffolding near the Valley of the Drakes. Reaching the catalyst requires crossing the trunk-like bridge guarded by Blowdart Sniper. The catalyst is found with the Crimson Set, on a corpse that is likely Yulva's.


The Tin Banishment Catalyst performs more poorly than the regular Sorcerer's Catalyst in terms of magic attack power, however, it also has a reasonably powerful spear-style physical attack - at least for the point in the game it is found - that can be used to attack enemies who get too close or finish them off without needing to cast a spell.

Magic AdjustEdit

Intelligence Magic Adjust
12 109
15 112
20 136
25 160
30 184
35 190
40 196
45 202
50 208
99 220