Titanite Scales are upgrade materials in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Titanite altered by a soul.
Reinforces soul-transposed weapons to +4.
Weapons forged by soul transposition can only be reinforced by titanite of the same kind.
In rare cases, crystal lizards devour souls, growing to monstrous proportion and leaving these great scales.


Used to reinforce special weapons up to +4. These include all soul-transposed weapons, as well as several otherwise unique weapons.

Reinforcement initially costs only a single Titanite Scale, but doubles in cost for each subsequent level, requiring 8 Titanite Scales to upgrade to +4, and finally a Titanite Slab to upgrade to +5. Fully reinforcing such a weapon requires the use of 15 Titanite Scales and one Titanite Slab. Each level of reinforcement is equal to 2 levels for a weapon upgraded through regular Titanite.