Titchy Gren
"You want more than just a little blood. You want to be drenched in it, mired in its foul stench. Am I right? Am I? Oh, just say that I'm right!"
— Titchy Gren

Titchy Gren is a character in Dark Souls II.
He is voiced by Con O'Neill.


Found in Undead Purgatory, next to the bonfire which is located after the Executioner's Chariot arena. If killed, his tombstone will appear at exactly the same location where he's first met at Undead Purgatory.


Titchy Gren will introduce players into the Brotherhood of Blood covenant, but only if they have previously invaded and successfully killed another player or present to him a Token of Spite. Upon entering the covenant, Titchy Gren will offer the Crest of Blood, and he will sell various wares as well. 

His dialogue reveals that he holds a grudge towards the Blue Sentinels, as he claims that the Sentinels are "obsessed with hunting down blood servants".


If provoked, Titchy Gren will use his scythe to attack the player. Since his moves are rather slow and predictable, his physical attacks don't pose a major threat. However, Gren can also use some hexes, like Dark Hail and Dark Orb, which can inflict a lot of damage, possibly killing overconfident players.

Character InformationEdit



Item Nahr Alma Hood
Nahr Alma Hood
Drop Rate Guaranteed

Health and SoulsEdit

Health Souls
??? ??? 1600 ???


  • If Titchy gren were to be killed at any point of the game, a Gravestone will appear where he is usually standing inside of Undead Purgatory