Tornado is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Imbue blade with the wrath of storm in a spinning motion, and follow with a strong attack to bear that wrath upon foes.


When performed, the user holds their weapon with both hands, spins in a clockwise direction while the weapon becomes imbued with wind, and hits the enemy with a horizontal slash. If the strong attack is used, the user spins again, stunlocking the enemy with the wind and landing a second hit. The user then spins one more time to land the final blow which knocks the enemy down.

This skill requires 7 FP to perform and 15 FP for the extension (6 FP and 12 FP when the Farron Ring is equipped).


Single playerEdit

Good with controlling mobs of enemies. Should not be used as means of building up damage.

Online gameplayEdit

Useful against players who rely on parrying, as this skill is unable to be parried.



  • This skill is slightly different than the Falchion's Spin Slash, only differing in its wind effect and knockdown capability.

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