For the Dark Souls variant, see Lloyd's Talisman.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Lloyd's Talisman (Dark Souls II).

Undead Hunter Charms are throwable items in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Tool used to hunt down the Undead.
Blocks Estus recovery within a limited area.
Used long ago by Lloyd's cleric knights on their Undead hunts. Although Allfather Lloyd is long forgotten by the Way of White, his hunts have lived on, and this charm allows one to challenge Undead without fear of tenacious healing.


High Wall of Lothric

  • Two can be found in a side room after climbing down from the rooftops and before the second Lothric Knight, who wields a spear.

Firelink Shrine

Cathedral of the Deep


Upon use, an Undead Hunter Charm is thrown to the ground, releasing a white cloud that affects anyone that is hit by it. Affected targets will have a debuff applied to them that prevents them from using their Estus Flask for 25 seconds. Healing Miracles may still be cast, however.

They may also be thrown at Mimics, forcing them to go into a sleeping state after which they can be looted safely. This effect can be used on Mimics in any state, whether they are waiting for prey or are actively attacking the player, and can be re-applied any number of times, dependent on the number of Undead Hunter Charms being carried.

When thrown at glowing-eyed Skeletons in Catacombs of Carthus, it will prevent them from reanimating, allowing them to be killed the first time around.

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