Undead Jailers, also known as Mummified Hollows, are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Introduced in the "Cursed" trailer, they are found in The Lost Bastille. They were responsible for guarding the prison from intruders whilst ensuring that none of the undead inmates tried to escape. In NG+, two dark spirit Undead Jailers are found in Sinners' Rise near the rooms that light up the Lost Sinner's area, and one before the Heide Knight located outside the Exile Holding Cells bonfire.


Heavily built hollows wrapped in bandages, and clad in makeshift armor with a cape of what appears to be stitched together hide. Strangely, they can cast Pyromancy without the use of any visible Pyromancy Flame. They wield the Great Machete, cast Fireball in combat, and often have Stray Hounds in tow.


Undead Jailers move slowly but their scythes have long reach and can deal heavy damage if the player is careless. As they are often fought on narrow walkways, their attacks can easily knock the player over the edge. It is easiest to attack them from behind as they cannot turn easily.

At a distance they will occasionally toss fireballs at the player, and at close range can perform a powerful grab attack where they choke the player before slamming them into the ground. One should be cautious, as these two attacks have nearly identical windup. The Undead Jailer's attacks can detonate nearby explosive barrels which can also badly injure them.


Sweep: Swings their weapon in a broad horizontal arc.

Lunge: Points their weapon and lunges it at the player.

2 hit Combo: Performs an uppercut and follows it up with a diagonal slash.

Fireball: Conjures a fireball in its hand, then throws it in a low arc.

Choking Slam: The Undead Jailer grabs the player around the neck with one hand, lifts them up by the neck, then slams them into the ground, face first.


Item Lingering Flame
Lingering Flame
Twilight Herb
Twilight Herb
Great Machete
Great Machete
Drop Rate ??? ??? ???


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