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Unkindled Drang Knights are non-respawning enemies in Dark Souls III.


Two skillful knights, both clad in the Drang Set, one of them wielding paired hammers while the other wielding twinspears. They can spot the player at a very long distance and both will rush to attack at the same time.

Using paired weapons gives them the ability to unleash many successive hits, being able to stunlock the player easily and potentially deal high amounts of damage. They have very good tracking, most notorious with the knight wielding twinspears, which allows them to successfully hit the player even at a considerable distance.

They will usually buff their weapons with Dark before starting combat.


Only two Unkindled Drang Knights appear in the game, both waiting at the other end of the big courtyard with dead giant slaves found after the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire.


Fighting these foes can be very dangerous due to the several hindrances present in the area where they are encountered at. Three Deacons will be constantly shooting quick homing fireballs from a floor above and two supposedly dead Giant Slaves will come to life if approached. Additionally, both Drang Knights will start attacking at the same time, even if only one was harmed, and chase the player for a long distance.

Rather than confronting them dead on, a safer strategy is to look for a path on the left side of the courtyard, where several Irithyllian Slaves are congregated; dispose of them first and then damage one of the knights with a ranged attack, thus luring both to fight in that enclosed area, away from the giants and the Deacons' fire.

Yet another strategy is to follow the path mentioned above and make way through the upper floor, dealing with all Deacons first. Run around the knights from above and surprise them by the rearguard before they even have a chance to react, maybe even starting the fight with a backstab. Use the nearby staircases strategically to do both, escape and attack, and also consider using the ladder behind the nearby illusory wall to hide and lure them to fall to their demise.


Item Drang Twinspears
Drang Twinspears
Drop Rate Guaranteed
(twinspears wielder)

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