The Fallen Knight is an enemy character in Dark Souls III.


A enemy clad in the Fallen Knight Set. Can be dangerous if he is not dealt with before facing the Brigand a bit further.

Uses a variety of combat mechanics, including switching between holding a dagger in his left hand or wielding his long sword with both, throwing kukris at the player, and frequently using the Stance skill.



Found near the beginning of the Cathedral of the Deep, at the end of a partially concealed slope to the left of the first bonfire and guarding the Paladin's Ashes. Will attack from behind if the player continues onward, most likely while fighting the Brigand.


The Fallen Knight can be very dangerous against unprepared players. His fighting methods are somewhat similar to Hodrick's. He dwells hidden at the end of a slope located to the left of the first bonfire upon arriving to the Cathedral of the Deep, and is intended to surprise the player from the rearguard while they are engaging the Brigand. Even alone, this enemy can be a major threat due to his advanced combat mechanics and high resilience.

When he switches to his dagger, raise a shield with good stability; upon hitting it, he will stagger and become open for a counterattack.

He frequently performs his sword's Stance skill in an attempt to break the player's guard. If successful, he will mercilessly follow with a riposte, which in many cases will mean the end of the battle. On the other hand, this attack is the key to defeat him easily. When he approaches with his sword wielded with both hands and pointing forward, lure him into attacking and retreat, making him miss and leaving him open for attack.

He often throws kukris at the player, although he's prone to fall for these kinds of attacks too, so hurl back some throwable knives at him whenever the occasion opens.


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