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  • AegonLegends

    The first step when it comes to the creation of something is to plan. Some things require little planning while some requires a huge plan, the more complex your template is, the more time you'll need to plan and train.

    Make sure to stop to think before starting any template. There are some points:

    • Can you do it? This point may sound obvious but thinking if you can do something is very important, if you are doing it yourself.
    • Does the wiki need it? Another point that may sound obvious but is forgotten by many.
    • Can it be done using an existent template? If the answer to this is Yes, then think if which one would be more time consuming. If a Template is less time consuming, be sure that it needs to be reused, as there is no use for a Template tha…

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  • AegonLegends

    A base level challenge is a challenge run that is characterized by not leveling up, often know as No level up challenge.

    The main point of a base level challenge is to, basically, make the game harder.

    While it may sound vain, one of the strong points of this challenge is to honey your skills, strategy and to have a higher variation of playstyle.

    Yes, both are possible because players connect to each other via Soul Memory.

    It is very dangerous to do end-game PvP, due to the level and advantage most players at this point.

    Co-op is totally possible because, even at base level, your character will most likely be readied for PvE.

    Unfortunately, no. You will, probably, learn new strategies and master the use of some weapons.

    The next post will be directed t…

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  • AegonLegends

    Userbox is a template in Dark Souls Wiki.

    To display a consistent info about the content of the userbox, the userbox's attributes must be filled correctly.

    Page Name highlighted in red

    Using the Character userbox as an example, the "character" attribute must be filled with the corresponding character name, in this example being the "Armored Hollow", in order to be displayed correctly. The result is:

    Image URL highlighted in red

    Any userbox features an "image" attribute that can be filled to give a better look to it. The result, using the image in the example above, is:

    Userbox Name Example How to Use

    • This post can contain errors as Aegon Legends is not the one that made the userboxes.
    • The "%" symbols are there to symbolize an area that shou…

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  • AegonLegends

    So guys, I'm finishing my challenge run, where I don't level up and I was thinking about making a save-file and publish it here at the wiki, so anyone could start at NG+.

    Of course all the souls, items, weapons and armour wouldn't be included in the savefile, only the starting armor non-upgraded.

    Sadly, in this playthrough I bought some sorceries, miracles and pyromancies out of boredom, so they would be available to the player at the start of the game.

    What you guys think about it? This blog post is more like poll, so comment what you think.

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  • AegonLegends

    I noticed that Longsword have a hidden modifier that makes it thrusts attacks do more damage.

    I decided to make some research about Longsword vs Broadsword, so I went to New Londo to test the Docile Undeads/Zombies.

    Attack Type Longsword Broadsword
    Weak Attack 28 30
    Critical Weak Attack 40 42
    Running / Backstepping 36 39
    Rolling 21 23
    Plunging Attack 63 66
    Strong Attack 55 42
    Critical Strong Attack 78 60
    Jumping Attack 63 66
    Backstab 109 113
    Riposte 149 154

    Attack Type (Two-Handed) Longsword Broadsword
    Weak Attack 51 54
    Critical Weak Attack 72 75
    Running / Backstepping 65 68
    Rolling 55 44
    Plunging Attack 82 85
    Strong Attack 67 70
    Critical Strong Attack 93 98
    Jumping Attack 82 85
    Backstab 123 127

    • All test were made at Docile Zombies multiple times to ensure accu…

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