What is a base level challenge?

A base level challenge is a challenge run that is characterized by not leveling up, often know as No level up challenge.

What is the point of this challenge?

The main point of a base level challenge is to, basically, make the game harder.

While it may sound vain, one of the strong points of this challenge is to honey your skills, strategy and to have a higher variation of playstyle.

Would one be able to Co-op or PvP while doing this challenge?

Yes, both are possible because players connect to each other via Soul Memory.

It is very dangerous to do end-game PvP, due to the level and advantage most players at this point.

Co-op is totally possible because, even at base level, your character will most likely be readied for PvE.

Is there any in-game reward for this challenge?

Unfortunately, no. You will, probably, learn new strategies and master the use of some weapons.

In the next post

The next post will be directed to the Class and the strengths and weakness of each one when discussing Base level challenges.

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