Hey guys, I'm a new wikia user, but a veteran dark souls player. :) Recently, i noticed that the only boss which had proper attack names and values were the Taurus Demon. I love Dark Souls, and have played it since it came out, and the lack of attack values and descriptions broke my heart. I simply couldn't stand sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone to fish out the proper information, thus i created an account to do something about it. :D I'll be adding the attack names,values and other important stuff about their movesets soon, so do bear with me. Oh, and if anybody would like to do some co-op with me over Xbox live, My GT's same as my username. :) I look forward to working with you guys!

P.S: I had already filled in the attack names and values for the Asylum Demon in it's comment page. I have no clue how to go about posting it in those nice little boxes, so any admins do assist me with this. Oh, and my next boss will be Gwyn.

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