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  • I live in XS Ebon Star
  • I was born on July 29
  • My occupation is a Pirate Lord
  • I am a Male
  • Aftenshnoshnikr

    Jedi Knight Build This is a plan out for my jedi knight build, i'm simply posting it so I don't forget what I need to do in-game and what equipment I need to collect fr my build to be complete. Currently, Peeve, Oro, Sunlight and Vaati seem to be "researching" what the break-offs are for stats (such as 50 Vit in DaS1) and where the pvp level cap will be. I'm going to be using the old dark souls cap of 125. Im also assuming my stat allocations will help than hinder without use of a Mugenmonkey Builder for DaSll.

    Head - Black Hood* Chest - Black Robes* Gloves - Black Gloves* Legs - Black Boots*

    Primary Weapon(2H) - Staff Of Wisdom/Staff Of Amana

    Secondary Weapon - Darkdrift/Fists

    Primary Off-hand - Katana? // Staff?

    Secondary Off-hand - Any Bel…

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  • Aftenshnoshnikr

    Cold. I await my time in this dank, dark and musty cell. The echoes of Zombies and Hollows all around me, trying to escape, trying to stop their miserable life. Nothing could be so torturous, to be Undead. "Immortality just goves you more time to fail", that quote rang in my head but my memories were so vague i could not remember who or what spoke those words. I was huddled in the darkest corner of this prison in the Asylum. The light burned my wrinkly, dead skin and peired my eye sight. I noticed a small rat creep into my cell, it too was affected by the plague that had come to this land. I turned my left hand into a fist and struck the rat dead. As it did i watched a peculiar light erupt from within the rat's corpse and it twitched. The …

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  • Aftenshnoshnikr

    hey guys. so i was sitting around on my bed, waiting for a summon sign in New Londo and id been doingit for 3 hours solid. So an idea came into my head

    If ANYONE needs help or requests a summon, use this blog to post your

    SL/Soul Level (e.g mine is 75)

    Location (e.g i'm in New Londo Ruins)

    Specific place in that location (e.g i'm on the stone platform in the middle of the bridge at the start of the level)

    Reason (e.g i have not had a single summon sign pass and i need desperate help finding the ember, safe escort draining new londoand a successful boss fight with the Four Kings.

    New Game level (e.g im on New Game. Other people may post they are on NG++++)

    Name &  Console (e.g Aftenshnoshnikr 7 on PS3

    l make this blog so that it'll resolve somme is…

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  • Aftenshnoshnikr

    Witch of Izalith, Pyromancer and Chaos Sorcerer, tried to recreate her newfound Lord Soul. What did she use to create "it"/Bed Of Chaos?

    Pyromany Flame - like the name points out, a flame used for Pyromancies

    Catalyst - Used for sorceries but take a momentto remember the Izalyth Catalyst the Daughter Of Chaos used to defend herself right outside of the Bed Of Chaos.

    Sorceries in Dark Souls can be, or are, offensive spells but none of them are fire based.

    In Dark Souls 2, in some gameplay walkthroughs we can see Sorcerers use a catalyst to unleash a flame sorcery.

    Now, i don't know what source my friend got it from, but he has stated that the Witch(es) of Izalith used fire sorceries but when the Bed Of Chaos was created it wiped out most, if not…

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