Jedi Knight Build This is a plan out for my jedi knight build, i'm simply posting it so I don't forget what I need to do in-game and what equipment I need to collect fr my build to be complete. Currently, Peeve, Oro, Sunlight and Vaati seem to be "researching" what the break-offs are for stats (such as 50 Vit in DaS1) and where the pvp level cap will be. I'm going to be using the old dark souls cap of 125. Im also assuming my stat allocations will help than hinder without use of a Mugenmonkey Builder for DaSll.



Head - Black Hood* Chest - Black Robes* Gloves - Black Gloves* Legs - Black Boots*


Primary Weapon(2H) - Staff Of Wisdom/Staff Of Amana

Secondary Weapon - Darkdrift/Fists

Primary Off-hand - Katana? // Staff?

Secondary Off-hand - Any Bell


Soul Greatsword Force Emit Force


Guardian's Seal* Ring Of Steel Protection Ring Of Restoration


Way Of Blue(Early Game)/Blue Sentinels(End Game/Finished)*


  • Don't Know What to raise it to for equipment's needs.

Level - 125

Vigor - 30

Endurance - 30

Vitality - 25

Attunement - 16

Strength - 5*

Dexterity - 10*

Adaptability - 18

Intelligence - 40

Faith - 4*

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