hey guys. so i was sitting around on my bed, waiting for a summon sign in New Londo and id been doingit for 3 hours solid. So an idea came into my head

If ANYONE needs help or requests a summon, use this blog to post your

SL/Soul Level (e.g mine is 75)

Location (e.g i'm in New Londo Ruins)

Specific place in that location (e.g i'm on the stone platform in the middle of the bridge at the start of the level)

Reason (e.g i have not had a single summon sign pass and i need desperate help finding the ember, safe escort draining new londoand a successful boss fight with the Four Kings.

New Game level (e.g im on New Game. Other people may post they are on NG++++)

Name &  Console (e.g Aftenshnoshnikr 7 on PS3

l make this blog so that it'll resolve somme issues with summoning in low traffic areas, specifically ghost towns (pun not intended) like New Londo where i am stuck at. Soul level is to help the math to see if u r in range of summoning and locations is to help potential helpers with where the person in need is. reason is so that people will not become fristrated if a phantom dies while trying to show you a...Silver Pendant but you unawaringly run past him so u can get Manus's soul for Pursuers.

I really want this to work because i know how hard it is or can be to organise a successful summon due to connection issues and servers and such, but this blog should lend a great hand to those in need. without further ado...

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