What is on her hands?

Witch of Izalith, Pyromancer and Chaos Sorcerer, tried to recreate her newfound Lord Soul. What did she use to create "it"/Bed Of Chaos?

Pyromany Flame - like the name points out, a flame used for Pyromancies

Catalyst - Used for sorceries but take a momentto remember the Izalyth Catalyst the Daughter Of Chaos used to defend herself right outside of the Bed Of Chaos.

Sorceries in Dark Souls can be, or are, offensive spells but none of them are fire based.

In Dark Souls 2, in some gameplay walkthroughs we can see Sorcerers use a catalyst to unleash a flame sorcery.

Now, i don't know what source my friend got it from, but he has stated that the Witch(es) of Izalith used fire sorceries but when the Bed Of Chaos was created it wiped out most, if not all, of the last remaining pyro-sorcerers.

The Demon Firesage uses a catalyst, evident because it is dropped, that partially hits fire damage. Thoughts?

So here is the main point of the question because The Witch of Izalith can be seen wearing what looks like a Pyromancey Flame (If it is a glove, either that or she has burnt herself a bloody lot) on her hands in the prologue as she holds the Lord Soul. Two Catalysts, each belonging to 'pyromancers' can be found in Lost Izalith.

What did she use to accidently create the Bed Of Chaos?

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