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    In december, From Software announced that a Dark Souls themed cafe would be made in Tokyo, Japan, and it was inaugurated yesterday!

    Not only the look of the cafe is based on DaS, but all foods and drinks there are based on elements of it, you can drink Estus, or eat Dung Pies!

    Here are some photos, lots of them actually!

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    So finally we get to see how the new DS is, and it seems pretty damn good so far!

    What do you guys think?

    Along with the gameplay video, a new trailer of aproximately one minute was released, it features in-game footage and as the first trailer, does not give us details about the game, here it is:

    Also, for those that are interested, the Official site of the game is updated, but like the trailers, it's still lacking detailed information, although Pre-order is already available!

    Official site

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    Me again! Ah what a surprise I'm always here for god's sake

    But anyway! If you're subscribed to ENB's channel you may have noted that he finally released a new DS video after quite some time, and it intrigues me, makes me wonder again like so many other things...


    Firstly, just watch the video:

    As you can see, his weapon of choice for a DEX build is the Great Scythe (Brainwasher-sama, you like this one don't you?), and I want to know your opinion, what's the best DEX weapon for you?

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    Buffs and Souls

    January 13, 2013 by AverageSchizoid

    Oh boy, my first post I don't even know what to say to make this pleasant to the eyes...

    Hi! Well, we've been playing this masterpiece for quite some time now haven't we?

    thousands of deaths, millions of souls and humanities lost, and we still freaking love this game!

    But there was always something that made my elbow itch, some may agree with me, some may not, but it's something i've been holding here in my stomach like, uh.. better keep that joke there as well.

    It's the somehow unbalanced upgrade paths, and the mostly useless Boss Soul weapons :(

    grab your sandwiches, and be prepared, there is plenty of text down here.

    But really, we were all overexcited (or was it just me?) when we found out for the first time that we could create a totally n…

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