• Bloodmoon24

    I'm going to create all needed templates for Dark Souls III, here is short roadmap:

    • General item infobox DONE: Template:DaSIIIItem
    • Weapon infobox DONE: Template:DaSIIIWeapon
    • Ring infobox DONE: Template:DaSIIIRing
    • Armor infobox DONE: Template:DSIIIArmor
    • Spell infobox DONE: Template:DaSIIIMagic
    • NPC Infoboxes:
      • Enemy/Boss infobox DONE: Template:DaSIIIEnemy
      • Vendors/NPC that you can interact with DONE: Template:DaSIIINPC
    • item upgrade template (In progress)
    • category-wide weapon template
    • category-wide armor template

    If I forgot about something or you have suggestions, just let me know, I'll add it to the list.

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