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"Suicide" Karmic Justice build


20 Faith

50 Int

Rest up to player.


Velka's Talisman

Tin Crystallization Catalyst

Crown of Dusk

Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring

Red Tearstone RIng

Rest up to player; keeping fast roll preferred. 


Karmic Justice.


Cast Karmic Justice with velka's talisman; switch to the catalyst. Run around the opponent until they hit you enough for the explosion to trigger. Profit. 

DkS Karmic Justice Invasions ダークソウル最凶の奇跡「因果応報」 爆破テロ07:15

DkS Karmic Justice Invasions ダークソウル最凶の奇跡「因果応報」 爆破テロ

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