Over the course of the last few months, we have seen many editors join the wiki. It was not too long ago when Fingyer and I were the only meaningful editors; with the addition of the formatting expertise of Balagog and dedication of editors such as Ltpliers, the pacing and variety of editing increased greatly. And then there are the recent additions, cavalry to the rescue, helping transform this wiki from an obscure project to something that I can truly be proud of: Volknur, Cosmicsilver, Cain Bauer, and Daiffukatsu to name a few.

I am constantly humbled and amazed by the high quality and effort that the editors here, both old and new, put into their work. When a new member makes his first edit or creates his first page, I can rest easy knowing that he's earnest in his efforts to help and pays attention to detail. Working with such staff it is easy to forget that not every wiki is like this; that many wikis of mainstream games are filled with people who insist on writing opinionated, incorrect, or informal language. Perhaps Dark Souls simply attracts more intelligent (or at least more meticulous) gamers?

Please understand that without your help--all of you--none of this would have been possible. I am grateful to be working on a project this huge with a team this dedicated and talented. We still have much work to do, but never before have I been so certain that we can finish the task of completing this wiki.

Brainwasher5 (talk) 14:52, December 11, 2012 (UTC)

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