To Cosmic, Chilla, Cain (the three musketeers for the third letter in the alphabet!) and anyone else interested, I have a proposal regarding our run through demons souls.

Cosmic (and anyone who is still in the fairly early stage of the game), the reason why I wanted you to wait for me is this: every time I help you kill a boss as a blue phantom, I revivve. I essentially get a free stone of ephemeral eyes. When we all have free time, I propose that we do a nice big run-through of the worlds you want to beat. In the meantime, I will suicide every time I get my body back in world 3 and/or 5 to get pure black world tendency. Would you be interested in doing 3-2 and 5-1/5-2 in pure black with me? The reason I want to do this is to add an extra edge of danger in the game, as well as grabbing that colorless demon soul and the phosphorescent pole and blind (I don't have any particular use for the pole, if anyone would like it!). I normally do world tendency stuff solo, but both 3-2 and 5-2 are really long, often dangerous stages, and I'd like some friends...Of course, in order to do this we'll (or you'll) need to do 3-1 and/or 5-1 first for your games so that I may summon you. What do you guys think?

If we're in on this, I must ask that you let me kill the primeval demon myself as I have a large sword of searching to increase drop chance (thanks Chilla!). Not getting a soul sucks.

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