Attunement: 11 or 12 (1 or 2 slots).

Endurance: Either 40 or the most you need for a fast roll with light equipment.

Strength and Dex: Whatever your weapon requires, plus points until 120 for weapon scaling

HP: Your choice.

Resistance: base.

Faith: 40, unless you want to use sunlight spear or the sunlight healing spells for PvE in which case 50.

Intelligence: base


For glass cannons: Your weapon of choice, preferably something that hits fairly hard but also fast.

Dragon headstone and torso stone

Darkmoon Blade, Power Within, and/or Wrath of the Gods (or, if you have reservations on using that, Force)


Red Tearstone Ring, Ring of the Sun's Firstborn

This will deal horrendously massive damage with optimal stats (we're talking about thousands per swing here, depending on weapon). Sanctus is there to slightly offset Power Within's HP drain, and also to capitalize on the character's faith concentration.

For safer builds:

The highest-defense equipment you can wear without sacrificing mobility. Crown of the Dark Sun boosts miracles, so take that into consideration.

Weapon of choice.

Dark Wood Grain Ring is probably required for fast roll, if not then any other choice; ring of the sun's first born.

With Darkmoon Blade, you'll still deal very high damage, higher than anything your opponents could hope to compete with. You can, essentially, rely on your power to simply slap down the opposition.

General Strategy

This class emphasizes raw power. Darkmoon Blade is the strongest weapon buff in the game, and Warth of the Gods the strongest miracle and strongest spell in terms of damage per second. Power Within, the Red Tearstone Ring, and dragon torso and headstone serve to augment this.

Because of its power, it's possible to win many engagements (especially against less experienced players) through button mashing. Against more skilled opponents, caution must be exercised, as reckless attacking often invites backstab and parry punishing. Play aggressively, though. With Power Within, the faster a battle is over, the better.


Using Force/Wrath of the Gods/dragon roar causes opponents with higher poise to stagger (lower poise gets blown off their feet). With proper positioning, it's possible to backstab after casting the stagger spell while the opponent is recovering. With the proper buffs, WoG deals~1,500 damage, while a backstab with the proper buffs can deal between 600 and 2,000 damage, for a total of 2,100-3,500 damage, pretty damn hefty considering how a non-glitching character can sport around 3,000 HP. Force/Wrath of the Gods/dragon roar can also cause opponents turtling behind shields to stagger, if they are hiding behind the shields while your life is wasted away by Power Within. Follow up with a weapon combo as repeated casts of WoG/Force/dragon roar can easily be rolled out of.


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