This is a list of the things that I hope From might patch in patch 1.06 or the Prepare to Die Edition. It won't include stuff that I already know is going to be in the expansion. This is just my opinion and nothing more, so calm down if my views don't align with yours.

  • Nerf Giant's armor and Mask of the Mother and Father. Almost every single time I invade there's at least one person hopping around with Giant's Chestplate and a freaking mask. I'm really tired of seeing these people. Make it so that Giant's armor has much less poise than it does now, or make it unupgradable.
  • Make it so that chain backstabbing is impossible. Give both players a one second invil time period as the player gets up. This way fights won't degenerate into backstab fishing followed by backstab spamming.
  • Nerf Wrath of the Gods' range to be the same as Force. As it is currently I feel that it is way too powerful and easy to use.
  • Make throwing knives upgradable in batches of 10-40 so that they can be more viable throughout the game.
  • Fix dragon headstone glitching and duping, as well as dragon headstone shortbow backstab glitching (the one that makes players one shot everything).
  • Fix the bottomless box glitch so that people don't create ridiculously OP characters with the sole purpose of making lives for people new to the game miserable.
  • Fix Lloyd's Talisman so that it blocks ALL healing, particularly that of Divine Blessing.
  • Nerf Divine Blessing. Give it a one minute cooldown, or make it impossible to use when doing PvP, or give it a longer use animation. Just give me something to work with other than a insta-full heal item that glitchers spam until we die of old age.
  • Nerf the weapon buffs. I'm not quite sure how to, exactly...but getting two shotted by a guy with an otherwise crappy weapon isn't fun.
  • Fix Eye of Death drop rates. As they are currently you can get maybe 3 or 4 per basilisk run. Make them much rarer so that people actually have an incentive to gravelord. Also, make it so that gravelord sword and gravelord sworddance scale with covenant level like darkmoon blade does with the darkmoon covenant, so that people have an incentive to go past level 1.
  • Change Princess' Guard's someone signs to let people know that they are healing bamfs, rather than just another phantom. As it is there really isn't much of a point to join this covenant (or the way of the white covenant, either).

That's all I got for now. You guys got anything to add/take away? :P

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